Pasta with Ricotta & Broccoli

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Ricotta and Tomato Sauce

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  • All Natural & All Milk
  • Only 3 Ingredients
  • Never Any Additives or Preservatives

I'm a believer or complimenting when deserved and critiquing when necessary. In this case is definitely complimenting. Just a little history. Born and raised in Brooklyn , I knew only fresh ricotta. The time when it came in a steel can, bubbled over the top and held down a cover with rubberbands. And where you reached into a barrel filled with fresh water and retrieved fresh mozzarella. That my friend was in the 50's. Let's speed up a bit to major move to North Carolina ten years ago and the god awful taste of what the people here call ricotta. Then one day I come across Polly O. Thrilled beyond belief. Making my easter pie only to find that they quit carrying the ricotta right after easter. Fully upset now and only finding something called Galbani, which I think is from Sargento. Became pleased until my purchased and when used to cook with, it plopped out of the container plopped.....really. Then one day last week I was in Food Lion and came across your product. Because reading labels have become second nature and finding out your ingredients were all of three I broke into my happy dance. Thank you so much for making this wonderfully delicious product.You brought back many fond childhood memories of good food. Sincerely, Andrea Scafidi

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The Lamagna Family learned the art of cheese making in Italy, and we proudly brought our skills to America in 1928. Three generations later, that same attention to old world quality guides master cheese making. Learn more...